In his latest video tutorial, our team member Redphoenix shows you how to bake textures for your models in Blender 2.91.

In the tutorial he presents you different ways to create a normal map for your model. The basis for this is the use of a high and a low poly model.

He also shows you how to create other textures that are important for Farming Simulator (e.g. Ambient Occlusion).

Please note that the tutorial is only available in English!

One week ago we presented the Blender i3d Exporter. As already announced, our member Redphoenix took the time for you and added two tutorials to the Exporter.

Important: The tutorials are in English!

Video 1 is a short summary of the most important functions.

Video 2 is a more detailed tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process and features.

We hope that the tutorials will help you get started with the Exporter!
If you have further questions, please use our Discord-Server.

For the latest version check out the following link: