Background information

Hof Wiesengrund is a farm from the beautiful Schleswig-Holstein, located 17km south of Rendsburg. It is a family farm, which is currently managed by three generations and a few employees. The farm was established in 1964 and has been repeatedly expanded and modernized. In 2015, a tragic incident occurred and the machine hall and straw storage burned down along with the vehicle fleet.

The farm currently manages about 650ha of arable and meadow land and provides daily over 1,350 animals. Of these, about 700 are dairy cows that are milked twice a day.

In addition to the clear focus on dairy farming, there is also a biogas plant on the premises with a total output of 1.21MW. In total, over 4.0 million kWh of electricity is generated annually.
In addition, there is a large photovoltaic system on the stables, which can generate an additional 1.12MW of electricity. Thus, more than 1.0 million kWh of electricity are generated per year.

But why are we introducing you to the company at all?

Over and over again you ask us if there will ever be a new map from VertexDezign. The answer is YES. For the coming LS we have planned the implementation of the farm. Thereby the farm shall be shown on a map of 4x4km. For this we are in exchange with the team to be able to offer you a replica of the farm as true to the original as possible.

Please understand that we cannot give any information about a possible release of the map at the moment. We are currently still in the initial planning stages.

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Dear friends and members,
Dear Community!

Christmas is just around the corner and the year 2020 is already drawing to a close – a year that was unfortunately characterized more by the lows than the highs.The Corona pandemic brought numerous restrictions that left their mark on all of us. For many, Farming Simulator was a place of refuge during the often difficult time, as you could immerse yourself in the „ideal LS world“ and forget about the real madness. Some got more interest in the game again through Lockdown, others may have even started to deal with modding.Also for us Lockdown and Homeoffice had partly positive side effects, by the won time one could realize projects, which remained before due to lack of time.Despite all this, we at VertexDezign can look back on a successful year.

We could win new partners and realize numerous projects. The number of meanwhile more than 31.500.000 downloads in the official Modhub and your positive feedback encourage us in our actions.We would like to thank our partners for their trust and you, the community, for your constant feedback.

At the same time we would like to wish you a few relaxing Christmas holidays and all the best for the upcoming time, but especially a lot of health, because this is the most important good in the current time.

Many greetings
the team of VertexDezign